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Independence Day

Celebrating Independence Day to remember the pride commitment and contribution of the brave individuals who sacrificed their lives for the cause of India. The celebrations included a list of performances by the students such as a show of disguised Freedom Fighters , speech and some mesmerizing dance performances.

Teacher’s Day

Celebrating Teacher’s Day on 5th of September with great gusto and gaiety to honour the educators who bring in joy through creative knowledge and expression.Students performed a scintillating cultural show to denote their love, respect, acknowledgement and recognition of the hard work put in by the teachers towards their development. The cultural show incorporated poems, songs , skit and dance. All the teachers were given a token of love to extend gratitude for their diligence, sincerity and hardwork.

Children's Day Celebration

This occasion focused on the future generation with great splendour and grandeur. On this day , children attend school not to study but to celebrate their childhood by engaging themselves in various extra curricular activities and games.

Krishna Janmashtami

A day if feast for our eyes. The students in colourful attire like Lord Krishna and Radha circled the campus like a rainbow. They also enthralled the spectators with graceful dance moves.

School visits

Visit to National Science and Technology Fair, Codisiya, Coimbatore.

The students visited National Science and Technology Fair (on 30 August, 2019) to harness the education and industry interface. The exhibits of students ignited the spirit of innovation and creativity in the young minds, thereby providing a huge platform to commercialise the innovations.

Visit to VOC Zoological Garden and Amusement Park

The students (from Grade I to V) were provided an opportunity to visit VOC Zoological Garden and Amusement Park at Coimbatore which comprised around 890 animals including 335 birds , 106 mammals , 54 reptiles and an aquarium. This multi - sensory based learning programme helped them explore their senses and develop a priceless knowledge on animal behaviour , animal care and conservation of animals.

Nilgiri Film Festival presented by Nilgiri Natural History Society

The participation in Nilgiri Film Festival presented by Nilgiri Natural History Society on 16 November, 2019 gave the students an opportunity to glimpse into the natural treasures of our land, some of which were hitherto unknown to many. They were amazed at natural heritage and appalled at our current state of the environment closer to home. The series of screening enabled the students to see landscapes closer home with a fresh pair of eyes – sensitive and conscious of the fact that what is (present) and what will be (future) is dependent on our actions with provoking stories.
The event also carried a wildlife photography exhibit, showcasing photographs from the Nilgiris and beyond – images that spoke about the flamboyant colours and personality of wildlife, of peaceful co-existence with humans as well as the crossroads of conflict and its devastating results on wildlife